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Know before you go.

Kitchen renovations are overwhelming enough, let alone the design process. 

Download our checklist for a productive showroom visit and make your design process as stress-free as possible.

Get Our Kitchen Renovation Checklist


Meet your measurements

Learn what measurements and metrics you need to have before heading to a design showroom.


Nail the design elements

Get the tools to communicate how your dream kitchen's features and desired components can fit into the overall plan.


Maximize your showroom visit

Take your ideas and knowledge and learn what to look for when you meet with a designer at a showroom.

About homescapes

CCL HomeScapes offers a complete kitchen design service encompassing a broad spectrum of styles and design ideas. Our designers know the importance of listening to and getting to know you and your family’s needs.

CCL HomeScapes has 22 state-of-the-art kitchen displays for you to see, touch and experience. Speak with a member of our veteran kitchen design team and review our selection. With hundreds of finishes, materials, and styles to choose from, the kitchen you have always wanted to create is waiting for you.

Our professionals stay on top of current trends and products to guide you through the design process to achieve that beautiful and efficient kitchen that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

We are CCL

Serving our customers is infused into everything we do. Homeowners, builders, contractors, and our very own employees solidify our foundation. 

High quality isn’t one of the options we offer, it’s the only option we offer. It’s etched into our products and coated onto our services. Most importantly, it’s the only type of interaction we are capable of having with members of our community. You supply us with your challenges and we’ll lay out quality solutions.

It’s that simple.