5 Reasons We Love South Shore Habitat for Humanity

"What am I going to do with all this free time I have?" is rarely a question that people ask themselves. Any time that we do get to ourselves is a precious thing. Rarely do we get the chance to give back to our community with our time, so when we do, it's important to make an impact we can all feel good about. There are many amazing organizations at work every day in our communities that strive to improve people's lives and be a force for positive change. 

But, when you find a really good opportunity to do just that, it really clicks. 

One of those organizations is a close partner and dear friend to the CCL family and those we serve: South Shore Habitat for Humanity (SSHH). 

Here are five of the countless reasons that we love this organization (and you should, too).

1. South Shore Habitat for Humanity is VOLUNTEER DRIVEN.

Here are a few stats you might find interesting: 

8,270That’s the number of hours donated by 587 volunteers on the job site, in the ReStore and at the affiliate.

4,000That’s the number of hours donated by 50 volunteer crews, 500 volunteers on our Stoddard St project.

2,000More volunteers will be needed to support our upcoming six new builds. There’s something for everyone.

Everything Habitat does is driven by people that give their time or money to make our community a better place to live. Their mission depends entirely on the hard work of volunteers whether it's on a build site, in the office, or at the ReStore

2. South Shore Habitat for Humanity ReBUILDS Lives.

No glossy marketing materials, just real people, real stories, real impact! Check out our online volunteer opportunities may even get lucky and build alongside the family you are helping. That’s right our partner families use “sweat equity” as their down payment. Oh and don’t worry about “experience” – we train you.  Onsite construction supervisors are awesome (you’ll see).

Since their beginning in 1986, they've completed over 55 homes in 21 towns, helping over 300 people find a place of their own. And South Shore Habitat isn't just about new homes- they help renovate and restore damaged and aging houses to make them safe for everyone, too!

3. They empower women through their National Women Build. #womenbuild

National Women Build Week challenges women to devote at least one day to the effort of building stronger, safer communities. The event is an initiative of Habitat for Humanity's Women Build program which brings women from all walks of life together to learn construction skills and then use those skills to create strength, stability, and self-reliance.

Sure they won’t exclude guys but you may find yourself wearing a pink hard hat (it's stylish). To register for this year’s build day festivities email Evy at

4. They care about the environment through the ReStore - a good deal for you, our community, and the environment.

Did you know that Habitat’s ReStore is a non-profit home improvement store and donation center open to the public that sells new and gently used furniture, home goods, appliances and building materials. The revenue generated provides capital for local building. Additionally, repurposed items eliminate waste and protect the environment. CCL recognizes the importance of re-use and often donates unwanted materials including discontinued products.

Last year Habitat diverted 271 tons of material from local landfills. Who knew by repurposing that old couch, contractor materials or appliances from a remodel you could help families in need- so cool!

GOT STUFF? Donations are needed! Visit  or call the donation hotline @ 781-826-3139.

5. They make real IMPACT through Volunteers.

You’ve heard it before, it takes a village. Well, it sure does. In fact, there’s something for everyone to do besides build. Think about all the things that need to go right before a house goes up- utilities, engineering, design... you name it! Habitat makes it all happen to ensure safe, affordable housing is available for everyone. 

Check out the list of other volunteer skills needed:

  • Civil engineering
  • Architects
  • Residential construction
  • Project management
  • Tradesmen- plumbers, carpenters, roofers, site excavation
  • Marketing/ social media

Click here to learn more and give back:

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